Mobile App for your club

Manage all aspects of your club’s activities in one place. Thanks to cooperation with LinkBall ClubApp, you will have your own dedicated mobile application.

“LinkBall is one of the most interesting concepts in the world of soccer in recent years.”

“New technologies and digitization are the future of soccer and sports in general. LinkBall is a project that can facilitate this process.”

An ready-made solution that you can customize to your needs

Revolutionize the management of your club. Build its prestige and recognition. LinkBall ClubApp is a tool created with the needs of modern football clubs and academies in mind.

  • Track matches, trainings, and events in one application.
  • Stay in touch with players, parents, coaches, and fans.
  • Receive financial support from fans and partners.
  • Organize recruitments for youth groups, trainings, and camps.
  • Find the best coaches in the area.
  • Facilitate payments for trainings.
  • Customize features and appearance to the needs of your club and fans.

Order your club’s application

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Create a cohesive community of fans

Launch your own platform for building a community around the club and communicating with fans. Share content, make connections, inform about news, and shape a cohesive group of fans who will support your club every step of the way.

With the LinkBall ClubApp, building bonds and a sense of community among fans becomes easy.


Acquire new partners

In LinkBall ClubApp, we provide many tools to help you increase the attractiveness of the club in the eyes of potential sponsors and business partners.

Build a strong network, reach out to new people, systematize your actions, and increase club revenues. Just a few clicks separate you from acquiring new contracts.


A variety of functionalities

Publish content

Add content to your timeline and engage fans

Stay in touch

Communicate with players, parents, coaches, and fans

Gain additional funds

Encourage fans and partners to support your activities

Organize events

Arrange tournaments, camps, and youth school recruitments

Accept payments

Facilitate collecting payments for your organized trainings

Manage documents

Keep track of players’ medical examinations

Promote the club

Increase the attractiveness of the club and reach new people

Build an image

Publish interesting content related to the club’s activities

Engage fans

Mobilize your fans and strengthen relationships with them

Offer premium packages

Udostępniaj ekskluzywne treści, dające subskrybującym wiele wartości

Direct to store

Boost purchases in the club’s store by redirecting from within the application

Reach out to new sponsors

Increase revenues

Increase revenues

Get funds from sponsors

Make contacts

Connect with new partners

Build relationships

Maintain relationships with current and potential partners

Stand out

Build an image that attracts sponsors

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Questions and Answers

Check out the frequently asked questions. If you have additional questions, we are here to help

To order an application for your club or football academy, contact us through the form on the website.

The application is available for a small subscription fee. We do not charge any additional costs for creating and launching the application.

The entire process of creating the application takes about a month from signing the contract to deployment. 

Yes! The club application can be synchronized with the LinkBall. This allows you to publish posts in both applications simultaneously.

Yes! After preliminary talks, we provide a test version of the application for the Club for 2 weeks.

We sign the contract for two years, with the possibility of negotiation.

Your own club application – it’s simple!

Soon you’ll be able to enjoy your own application for your club! Just go through a few easy steps.

1. Contact us and order the application

Fill out the contact form and wait for a response. Share your ideas and expectations. Our team will prepare a personalized offer for you and answer all your questions.

2. We will build your application

Once the offer is accepted, we start preparing your app. Our experienced team will start building your application. We pay attention to every detail to ensure the final product meets your expectations and requirements.

3. Enjoy your own tool

After the creation process is completed, we deliver the finished application to you. Now you can enjoy the benefits of your own tool! Easily manage, communicate with users, and grow your community using a modern, personalized application.

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